ICAI Reforms: Faculties join hands for support and warns for strike

Posted on    11 September 2018

ICAI has released their announcement forming a group/committee of council members to reevaluate the present examination system and suggest changes in the same.

Post the announcement, Praveen Sharma, a renowned faculty in the CA fraternity posted a video with all the major faculties including CA Raj Kumar, CA Neeraj Arora, CA Pankaj Garg demanding reforms in the examination system.

The two main demands discussed in the video were:

  • Allowing students to demand rechecking of their answer sheets: The video gave example CBSE allowing their students to claim rechecking of their answer sheets with specific questions to be rechecked. The same kind of rechecking and reevaluation facility is required for CA Exams with proper clarity with respect to marking scheme.
  • Making 50% of the exams MCQ based course-wide: This will help avoid the human intervention that happens, at present, in the CA Examinations.

In the video, it was warned that if the required changes in the examination system are not made till 24th December 2018, in such cases all the faculties along with students will initiate an Indefinite tenure strike before the CA Institute to get their demands approved.

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