Announcement on Training - 15 months training with FI, Consultancy Firms & Law Firms, Removal of fee of Rs.50/- and 15 days Specialised training

Posted on    03 August 2013



The Council of the Institute has approved the following decisions  pertaining to training of the students of the Company Secretaryship.




A) 15 months training with Law Firms, Consultancy Firms, Financial Institutions.


The Council of the Institute has allowed imparting 15 months  training by Law Firms, Consultancy Firms and Financial  Institutions. Earlier they were allowed to impart training for 6  months only. Further the Council has removed the criteria of  standing, minimum number of partners and fixed assets for  registration of Law Firms and Consultancy Firms and approved the  revised guidelines for registration of Law Firms, Consultancy  Firms, Financial Institutions for imparting 15 months training  which is available at training link on the website of the Institute


B) Removal of requirement of remitting fee of Rs. 50/-with  Apprenticeship Agreement by the Practising Company Secretaries


The Council has removed the requirement of remitting a fee of  Rs. 50/- by the PCS towards registration of apprenticeship training  of the students. 


C) 15 days with any one specialised agency:


The Council has also allowed undergoing training of 15 days with any one specialised agency as prescribed under Regulation 50 (b) of the Company Secretaries Regulations, 1982, with the broking  firms/ companies, Law firms, Universities (recognized by UGC),  Merchant Bankers, Mutual Funds, Insurance Companies, SMEs,  Industry Associations/ Chambers of Commerce, all Ministries,  SEBI, IRDA, TRAI, CCI, Courts, Tribunals and other quasi-judicial  bodies

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