Announcement regarding Bank Branch Auditors

Posted on    17 March 2009

Your attention is drawn to the new Procedure for appointment of Branch Statutory Auditors in Public Sector Banks for the year 2008-09 already hosted on the website

It is an open invitation to all those Chartered Accountants/CA firms which have been conducting audits as bank branch auditors since 2004-05 onwards continuously. In case they have not been allotted the branch audit this year i.e. 2008-09 inspite of being eligible, kindly mail the following details to with “Complaint regarding Branch Audit Allotment 2008-09” mentioned in the subject line:

Name of the applicant


FRN/MRN (if applied in Individual name)






Bank to which allocated





An early response to above will help us to make timely representation to appropriate authorities.

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