CBDT's commitment to clear all refunds by March 31 2011 has been breached

Posted on    07 April 2011


From the desk of Chairman,CBDT

CBDT’s commitment to clear all refunds by March 31 2011 has been breached


It is a matter of great anguish, desperation & dejection that despite repeated requests, reminders & alerts from the CBDT, we have failed in our commitment to issue all pending   refunds of A.Y. 10-11 before the close of the year. 


What is even more discouraging is that towards the last week of March, a slew of our colleagues had stopped entering the paper refund Returns on the system under the belief that once they enter the refund Returns, refunds would come in the radar of the systems monitoring. Are CCITs / CITs aware of it?


What is most depressing is that as against the total processing of 2.5 lacs Returns as on 31st March, on 1st April only 30,000 Returns have been processed registering a decline of above 80%.


No member of the income tax family can feel happy about it. Should the Board presume that most of the CCITs, CITs, Addl / Jt CITs, DC / ACITs, ITOs have not taken the commitment seriously?          


Once again all the officers & staff are requested / advised to ensure to clear all refunds of AY 10-11 by April 10 2011 to enable the CBDT to keep its commitment.


This is put on record that hereafter NO LAXITY / INERTIA WOULD BE TOLERTED.


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