Central excise commissionerate Delhi-1 shows improvement

Posted on    18 November 2011

Dr Anup Kumar Srivastava, Central Excise Commissioner Delhi-I, speaks on various aspects of revenue collection and how trade can be facilitated through streamlined services. In an interview to HT, he delineates plans to make the Delhi-I the most compliant Commissionerate. Excerpts:


What has been the performance of the commissionerate in recent times?

The overall performance of the commissionerate of central excise, Delhi-1 for the year 2010-11 had shown a significant improvement over the corresponding period of the previous financial year. The revenue of Rs 373.61 crore in 2010-11 was realised by the commissionerate as against the realisation last year Rs 313.16 crore which was Rs 60.45 crore (+19.30%) more. This achievement was despite the loss of Rs 91.36 crore, owing to surrendering of registration certificate/closing down/shifting of the units etc. Further by the sustained efforts made by the commissionerate this year, half yearly growth has been phenomenal. The revenue realised which was Rs 159.57 crore in 2010-11 up to September increased to Rs 286.64 crore in 2011-12, registering an appreciable growth of Rs 127.07 crore last year, which comes to 80%. 

How did you meet the challenge of achieving high growth of 80% in revenue realisation this year in comparison to national revenue growth of 20% and 10% growth in Delhi central excise zone last year, more so when the labour rates/electricity rates are higher here, pollution norms stringent, industry is moving out to NCR and there is overall depression in manufacturing sector?

This growth in revenue could be achieved by making the assesses aware that now central excise deptt is no more a tax collector rather it is a tax facilitator. The assesses becomes a partner in the national growth and development. The revenue contributed is used for infrastructure development, social welfare schemes, security of the nation etc. The honest taxpayers were facilitated.

In what way technology use has helped trade & department?

The introduction of Automation of Central Excise and Service tax (ACES) has immensely facilitated the trade. Now about 98% of the assesses of the commissionerate have started filing their monthly returns electronically. Direct interaction has now been minimised. Even scrutiny of returns has now become easy and convenient. Grievances of trade received through CPGRAM portal are redressed on merits.

Delhi-I Commissionerate has been awarded "Sevottam Certificate" for service quality management system. Comment?

There have been regular meetings with the trade and industry to solve their problems and to make them aware about the rules and regulations. Delhi-I Commissionerate is the first to be awarded license for service quality management system in accordance with IS 15700:2005 by Bureau of Indian Standards.

What are the challenges/obstacles before you to enhance the revenue growth?

Our policy has been to deal the people with velvet gloves and iron fist. That rubs the tax-evaders and inept officials, who react in their own ways. Curbing the undue harassment to honest taxpayers and checking tax evasion is the major challenge, which we face in the field.

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