Central Govt Slashes Rs 332 Crores from Kerala's GST Shares

Last updated: 04 December 2023

Central Government Slashes Rs 332 Crores from Kerala's GST Shares, Aggravating State's Economic Woes

Kerala's Finance Minister, KN Balagopal, has announced that the central government has deducted Rs 332 crores from the state's GST shares for the month of November. This unexpected reduction has intensified the economic challenges faced by the state, raising concerns about the impact on essential services and developmental projects.


Kerala was originally slated to receive a total of Rs 1,450 crores from the central government by the end of November. However, on November 29, the state government received a communication indicating a deduction of Rs 332 crores from its GST shares. It is worth noting that similar letters were dispatched to other states, signaling a broader fiscal adjustment by the central government.


State's Response

In response to this abrupt deduction, the Kerala government swiftly replied to the centre, expressing its discontent and urging officials not to impose such reductions. The state's finance minister underscored the untimely nature of these actions, emphasizing that they are further burdening an already strained economic scenario in Kerala.

Nature of GST Deduction

The GST shares in question are specifically related to products sold in Kerala but manufactured outside the state. This financial maneuver by the central government has sparked criticism, with Minister KN Balagopal lamenting that such decisions place an undue burden on the state, hampering its ability to address pressing economic challenges.

Impact on State Finances

Minister Balagopal revealed that the state was anticipating a total of Rs 57,000 crores from the central government across various financial aspects. The deduction of Rs 332 crores from the GST shares has raised concerns about the potential ripple effects on Kerala's budgetary allocations, affecting crucial sectors such as healthcare, education, and infrastructure development.

Call for Reconsideration

The state's finance minister has called for a reconsideration of these deductions, emphasizing the need for a collaborative approach to address fiscal challenges. The central government's decision has triggered discussions on the equitable distribution of financial resources among states and the impact of such fiscal adjustments on their economic stability.

As Kerala grapples with the aftermath of this deduction, the focus shifts to ongoing dialogues between the state and central authorities, with stakeholders closely monitoring developments to assess the broader implications on Kerala's financial health and economic recovery efforts.

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