Chairman's Message regarding Results Framework Document, 2012-13

Posted on    23 November 2011


From the desk of Chairman, CBDT

To the Members of Aayakar Parivaar

Dear Friends,


Subject: Preparation of Results Framework Document for Income tax Department for F. Y. 2012-13.


I am sure that by now you have read the OM F. No. 22/1/2011/AP/DOMS dated 21-11-2011 put up on on Results Framework Document. The RFD process is aimed at making quantumimprovement in the Departmental performance, leading to a win-win situation for all the stakeholders, namely, the Nation, ‘the Taxpayers’ and the ‘Employees of the Department’. RFD is to be viewed as a tool for making our Vision 2020 a reality much before 2020.


Performance that delivers real outcomes is imperative and the quotation below from the home page ( is very relevant:

“It is now widely recognized that good intentions and good beginnings are not the measure of success. What matters in the end is completion: performance and results. Not just making promises, but making good on promises. This is our guiding principle”


Please take a personal interest in spreading the RFD message to every staff member in your area, seek and collate their inputs and send it to DIT (O&MS) on or before Dec 20, 2011. You may also ensure that every staff member in your area has a working knowledge of Vision 2020 and participate in the preparation of RFD document for 2012-13.


M.C. Joshi,
Chairman, CBDT

23rd November 2011

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