Clarification Regarding Unauthentic E-mail/SMS regarding Exams

Posted on    14 October 2010


Clarification Regarding Unauthentic E-mail/SMS Chains





It has been brought to our knowledge that certain SMSs/e-mail chains have been generated claiming that the Institute has changed the passing requirements of its various examinations w.e.f. November, 2010 examinations.



It may be clarified that the said SMSs/e-mails are baseless and the existing requirements as per the relevant CA Regulations will continue to apply for November, 2010 examinations as well.



Students of ICAI and their stakeholders are advised not to be carried away by these sorts of unfounded/non-authentic messages. They are requested to rely on the Announcements hosted on the Institute’s website or `The Chartered Accountant Student’ the Students Newsletter of ICAI



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