Colonel Manpreet Singh: A Heroic Journey from Chartered Accountancy to the Army

Last updated: 15 September 2023

Colonel Manpreet Singh was martyred on September 13, 2023, along with Major Ashish Dhonchak and DSP Humayun Bhat, in a gunfight with terrorists in the Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir. He was the commanding officer of the 19th Rashtriya Rifles unit.

Colonel Manpreet Singh was born in a village in Punjab, India. He was a bright student and excelled in his studies. He got a degree in Chartered Accountancy and worked as a chartered accountant for a few years. However, he always wanted to join the army and serve his country.


Manpreet's life was marked by an unwavering passion for photography that accompanied him like a loyal companion. Whether he was amidst the bustling streets of Chandigarh or the remote landscapes of Africa, his camera was never far from his grasp. Fondly remembered by his friend Shivani, who shared in his early professional journey at a Chartered Accountant's firm in Chandigarh during the early 2000s, Manpreet's lens captured moments of beauty and significance throughout his adventures.

A product of Kendriya Vidyalaya Mullanpur, Manpreet's academic journey led him to SD College Chandigarh, where he pursued a degree in B.Com. However, his destiny took a distinctive turn when he successfully cleared the Combined Defence Services (CDS) examination in 2004. This pivotal achievement propelled him into the hallowed halls of the Indian Military Academy, where he underwent rigorous training and emerged as a commissioned officer in June 2015.

Joining the ranks of the 12 Sikh Light Infantry (LI), Manpreet embraced a life of service to his nation. His leadership and dedication led him to command the renowned 19 RR (Rashtriya Rifles) battalion, a unit that achieved significant recognition for its role in the 2017 operation that resulted in the demise of the notorious insurgent, Burhan Wani, in the volatile region of Kashmir.

Manpreet's valor and unwavering commitment to duty were not overlooked. In 2021, he was bestowed with the prestigious Sena Medal for gallantry, a testament to his courage and tenacity. This honor was a result of his unwavering resolve in the face of danger, where he displayed exceptional bravery during a harrowing gunfight, eliminating two dangerous terrorists.

In the tapestry of his life, Manpreet's love for photography, his academic achievements and his exemplary military career are woven together to create a portrait of a remarkable individual who left an indelible mark both through the lens of his camera and the service he rendered to his country.

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