Common reasons for rejection of a Company Name

Posted on    25 August 2010


Common reasons for rejection of a Company Name

Common Reasons for Rejection

Proposed name is not according to the activities described in Main Objects

Proposed Name is not available in view of the existence of identical or closely resembling companies.

Proposed name is too general without any distinct word or identity

Keywords like Industry/ Udyog, Enterprises, Products, Business, manufacturing may be considered when the company proposes to deal in various business activities/ the company is already carrying on various business activities (in case of change of name). As your business activity is in particular trade said keywords cannot be allowed

Proposed name does not include suitable prefix

Words like International, Hindustan, India, Bharat, Continental, Asiatic, Corporation will not be allowed unless the scope and scale of business of the proposed company justify the use of words

Proposed name includes words like National, Central, Union, Federal etc which are considered as undesirable

Please furnish No Objection by way of Resolution of the Board of the Group of Companies

Proposed name indicates the partnership or the patronage of any National Leader or of Government. Please furnish necessary evidence in this regard to consider the matter further

In case of company taking over business of partnership firm please furnish a copy of the Partnership deed, latest Assessment order, Balance Sheet of past two years and also Profit and Loss account. An affidavit signed by all the partners showing that the main objects of the Company will be to take over the business of present firm and thereafter the firm will be dissolved.

For cases of Change of name of company ,Please furnish the following documents/ information


Board resolution of the existing company for change of name and reasons for change of name.

Certified copy of latest Memorandum of Association, Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss account.

Present business activities of the company and the proposed activities of the company specifying the object clause of the Memorandum under which the activities are covered.

Turnover of the existing companies from the existing activities in the last 1 year.

Turnover of the existing companies from the proposed activities in the last 1 year (specifying the exact period) duly certified by Statutory Auditors

NOC from the out-going promoters if fresh allotted name is being applied as a Change of Name.

Whether Form 23 for alteration in the object clause has been registered in ROC office if so furnish a copy of Certificate issued u/s 18(1) of the Companies Act,1956

Whether the company has filed its A/R, B/S up to date, if so proof thereof.

Please also file a power of attorney, if applicable.

If objects are indicated in the names, the same should correspond to the main objects. As your main objects differ the name is rejected.

Annexure/ attachment should be signed, if any

File the reasons for change of name

File Board’s resolution, if applicable

File the present activities of the Company, if applicable

Modify the main object , if applicable.

Applicant should be the existing company, File Form 1A in favour of the company with fee.

Furnish latest copy of the Memorandum & Articles of Association, if applicable.

Please furnish a certificate from Auditors of the Company that the company has derived a substantial portion of its income from the new objects inserted by the company in the main clause of Memorandum & Association

Furnish copy of Certificates of Change of objects issued u/s 18(1) of the Companies Act, 1956 with altered copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association.

To clarify the Main objects in details.

Whether the company is registered with Reserve Bank of India as NBFC.


Pre- requisites for filing eForm 1A (Name availability):

Applicant should be the promoter. If not, file revised Form 1A with fee.

Please write the full names and addresses of the promoters/ remaining promoters duly signed

Please mention the state in which Registered Office of the Company will be maintained

Furnish the Main objects

For registration of a Private Limited and Public Limited company the paid up capital must be at least Rs.1,00,000 and Rs.5,00,000/- respectively. Please increase the capital according.

The application is to be digitally signed.


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