Compliance of CPE Credit Hours for the Calender Year 2008

Posted on    22 December 2008

Members holding Certificate of Practice (except those members who are residing abroad and senior members), unless exempted are required to :


(a)             complete at least 90 CPE credit hours in each rolling three year period starting from the calendar year 2008, of which 60 CPE credit hours should be of structured learning.


(b)             complete minimum 20 CPE credit hours of structured learning in each year.


          Members who have not so far completed the minimum 20 CPE credit hours are advised to complete the same by 31st December, 2008.


          In cases where members do not complete the CPE credit hours as above, the Council has decided that names of such members be not  included in any panel that is forwarded by the Institute, on or after 1st January, 2009, to any regulators or other authorities. In the case of a firm, if any partner/paid assistant had not completed the requisite CPE credit hour for the year 2008, the names of such partner/paid assistant will not be included while considering the eligibility criteria and this fact will also be stated in case the firm is otherwise found eligible after excluding name(s) of such partner(s)/paid assistant(s).


          This is for information and compliance of all members concerned.

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