Contribution to the Question Bank of CPT

Posted on    28 October 2010


Contribution to the Question Bank of CPT


The Common Proficiency Test (CPT) is an entry level test meant for 10+2 students to the Chartered Accountancy Profession having multiple choice objective questions. The level of knowledge expected is basic knowledge with the objective to develop conceptual understanding of the subject concerned.



With a view to augment the Question Bank in the Subjects of Accounting/Mercantile Laws/General Economics/Quantitative Aptitude of Common Proficiency Test, it has been decided to invite questions from Chartered Accountants/Subject experts working in various Colleges/Universities/Public/Students pursuing Chartered Accountancy Course etc.



The contributor can contribute as many questions as he/she can, but in a lot of minimum of 20 questions in the subjects of Accounting/Mercantile Laws/General Economics/Quantitative Aptitude in the following manner:-


  • The questions should be of objective with four probable answers for each question. The correct answer for each question is also required to be given.
  • Fill in the blanks having four alternative answers.
  • Small paragraph containing two to three lines followed by a question having four alternative answers.
  • Numerical having four alternative answers (in Fundamentals of Accounting, Mathematics and Statistics).
  • Simply worded Case studies involving multiple concepts be also prepared. The case study could be something like a practical situation described in 3-4 lines in simple language with application of single/multiple concepts and requiring students to choose one answer from amongst four answers whereby the analytical/logical ability and intelligence of the students is tested.


Since the CPT is an entry level Test meant for 10+2 students, the level of knowledge expected is basic knowledge and the questions should be aimed at testing the conceptual understanding and fundamentals of the subject than merely testing the memory of candidates. The difficulty level of the questions should be of 10+2 level and capable of being answered/solved in less than one minute.



While framing the questions, the questions be framed in such a manner that each one of the four answers given for a particular question, per se, appear to be the right answer thereby requiring the candidate to use his analytical ability to find the correct answer.


  • The language of the questions to be sent should be English only and is clear, correct, unambiguous and free from any doubt. The language conveys the same meaning as was intended by you.
  • The copyrights of the questions so submitted shall vest with the Council of the Institute. The contributor of the questions shall ensure that the questions so submitted to the Institute are not parted with by him/her to any other Body/Person and shall be meant only for the exclusive use by the Council of the Institute.
  • It may please be noted that the questions framed by you should be original and not already published in some books or journals or study material of the Institute or reference/text books available in the market or also from question papers of any other examinations or material distributed by any coaching institution. The requirement is the questions that are original and framed with the meticulous care and genuinely.
  • For each question framed and forwarded and accepted by the Council of the Institute for augmentation of the Question Bank of CPT, Rs.100/- per question selected/accepted will be paid as honorarium. In addition to honorarium payable towards questions selected, Rs.100/- (fixed) will be paid for other services also. The questions may be sent in a sealed envelope superscribed “Question Bank – CPT” to Dr.T.Paramasivan,Sr.Deputy Director(Exams),The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Indraprastha Marg, New Delhi – 110002 by name or by e-mail to While sending the questions by post/mail, please mention your name and complete postal address alongwith contact details including mobile number. All correspondence on the subject should be treated as secret.


Interested persons may kindly contribute to the Question Bank of CPT.





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