Correction Window for May-2014 CA Online Exam Forms

Posted on    19 March 2014

Correction Window


It is seen that candidates while filling the exam forms ( either online or physical) do not exercise reasonable care and commit errors. This creates lots of difficulties for them as well as the office at Admit Card stage and thereafter.


With a view to provide them an additional opportunity to rectify errors, if any, committed while filling up the exam forms, in the fields centre, group and medium, an online “Correction Window” is being put in place with effect from the examination for May 2014 onwards.


Thus, “Correction Window” is a platform in the on line exam form submission process, where candidates can view and correct errors, if any, committed by them while submitting the exam form, in the fields, centre, group and medium opted.


The terms and conditions in this regard are as follows:

1. This facility is available at, from 10.00 a.m. of 19.03.2014 to 5.30 p.m. of 25.03.2014.


2. This facility is available only to those who had submitted their exam forms online.


3. This window is not for fresh submission of exam forms and is meant only for correction of errors if any, in the exam forms already submitted.


4. Candidates can access the portal by entering the following details, as filled in by them in their exam application forms:

 Bar code number/control number printed on their online exam form

 PIN ( i.e. the four digit number of their choice which they had filled in their exam forms) and

 Date of birth.


5. Following details, submitted by the candidates in their online examination application form will be displayed on the screen.

 Name of the candidate

 Registration number and

 Group/medium/centre opted


6. Candidates will be permitted to enter changes if any, in any of the following three fields only: City opted. ( Change from domestic centre to centre abroad is not permitted)

 Group opted ( Change from single group to both groups is not permitted)

 Medium opted


In other words, no fresh payment of exam fees or refund of exam fees already paid will be permitted on account of correction of groups, made in this process.


7. A change may include change of centre/group/medium either jointly or severally.


8. Candidate will not be permitted to make any corrections/changes to any other field.


9. The requests should be made by the student and not by anyone on his/her behalf.


10. Corrections, once submitted, cannot be changed thereafter.


11. The facility will be available free of cost.


12. The candidate should upload scanned copy of a handwritten application in this regard, duly signed by him, seeking the corrections required.


13. Those candidates ( who had submitted their exam forms online) and who might have already submitted a handwritten request for change of centre/group/medium, are advised to submit such request/s, online, through this Correction Window, once again. Changes sought through the Correction Window will be treated as final.


14. Admit cards will be issued based on the examination application form and the correction received till the correction window closes.


15. Those who had submitted physical OMR exam forms and seeking corrections in the fields mentioned above and any other correction like registration number, name spelling etc may contact the exam department at:

 Final candidates:

 Intermediate (IPC) candidates:


Candidates are requested to take advantage of this facility and correct errors if any, committed while filling the exam form.


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