Data in saved stage in GSTR-6 will get lost notifies GSTN

Posted on    13 April 2020

The GSTN notified that some changes are being made in Form GST-6 and all the data in the SAVE stage will be lost once the changes are done. 

Alert for Input Service Distributors (ISDs), for data in SAVE stage in their Form GSTR 6

  1. Changes are being made in the credit utilization criteria in Form GSTR-6, filed by Input Service Distributors (ISDs). These changes are likely to be implemented on the GST portal with effect from 14.04.2020.

  2. During the implementation of this change, any data which is lying in Form GSTR-6 of ISDs, in saved stage, will be lost. Thus, if there is some data, filled up in Form GSTR-6 and is in saved stage (which is not Submitted so far), that data will not be available to ISD, in their Form GSTR 6, for its further use. ISD will be required to fill up this data (which was in Saved stage and now lost due to implementation of change) again in their Form GSTR 6.

  3. All the Input Service Distributors (ISDs) are, therefore, requested to take note of this and take suitable action accordingly.

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In the outbreak of COVID-19. Do you think it is justified to be making these changes? 

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