Extension of Articleship Training Exam to 21st April, 2019

Posted on    26 March 2019

Extension of attempt for Practical Training Assessment for students who have completed their first/ second year of training during April-June, 2018

The students who have completed their 1st/ 2nd year of practical training during the second quarter of 2018, i.e. April-June, 2018 were eligible to appear in the practical training assessment till March, 2019. The students who have not registered for any of the tests conducted till date, will be given extension of one attempt and would be allowed to register for April 21, 2019 examination. For registration dates, announcement will be uploaded in April month itself.

Students may register for the test during the mentioned time period through the registration portal https://pttest.icai.org/ by selecting their preferences for test location. Selecting a test location will not imply confirmation for that location. Student may be assigned any location out of the two selected locations depending on the number of candidates in that region for the test date. However, preference will be given to the selected location. For any issues/ queries related to registration, students may contact the Help Desk mentioned on the portal.

Kindly note that this is the last chance for the aforestated category of students, and no further extension will be granted. Also, students who have completed their 1st/ 2nd year of practical training after June, 2018 are strictly advised to appear in the stated examination within three subsequent quarters of completion of 1st/ 2nd year.

Director, Board of Studies

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