Govt forms a committee for implementation of e-invoice on GST portal

Posted on    28 May 2019

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F.No.: 189/Generation of Invoice /GSTC/2019 


Sub: Constitution of working sub-Group on technical issues for generation of e-Invoice on GST portal - reg. 

Committee of Officers (CoO) on generation of electronic Invoice through GST Portal have decided to constitute a working sub Group to examine and recommend on the technical architecture and all technical aspects for generation of e-invoice. Accordingly, this sub-Group shall consist of the following members: 

S. No Name Designation & Organization
1 Dr Pramod Kumar Verma Chief Architect, UIDAI
2 Shri P. V.Bhatt Dy Director General, NIC, Bangalore
3 Shri Nitin Mishra Executive Vice President (Technology), GSTN 

2. The sub Group shall examine and recommend from time to time technical architecture and all technical aspects of generation of e-invoice, including inter alia generation, viewing, downloading, backward & forward integration, system requirement, data format, mode of generation like APP based, mobile, SMS, off-line and on-line invoice integration with portal, API integration, automated monitoring, automated scale/management, full data security (encryption for confidentiality and signing for non-tampering), disaster management and retrieval mechanism etc. 

3. Shri Prakash Kumar, CEO, GSTN shall coordinate with this sub-Group and update the progress periodically. 

4. This issues with the approval of the of the Revenue Secretary, Govt. of India. 

(Rakesh Agarwal) 
Under Secretary to GST Council 

All members of sub-Group  on technical issues for generation of e-Invoice 

Copy to: 
1) OSD to the Revenue Secretary, North Block, New Delhi 
2) All members of CoO on generation of e-invoice
3) PPS to the Special Secretary, General Council Secretariat
4) The CEO, GSTN

Under Secretary to GST Council

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