GST council constitutes 18 sectoral groups for smooth roll out of GST

Posted on    10 June 2017

As decided in the 14th Meeting of the GST Council held on 18th-19th May, 2017 in Srinagar, J&K, 18 Sectoral Groups have been constituted representing various sectors of the economy in order to ensure smooth roll-out of GST. These 18 Sectoral Groups representing various sectors of the economy and containing Senior Officers of the Centre and the States are being set-up to ensure smooth implementation of GST by timely responding to the issues and problems of their respective Sector(s).

In fact, they are being with the following objectives:

  1. Interact and examine representations received from trade and industry associations/bodies of their respective sector.
  2. Highlight specific issues for the smooth transition of the respective sector to the GST regime.
  3. Prepare sector specific draft guidance.


These Sectoral Working Groups consist of Senior Officers from the Centre and the States.


            18 Sectoral Groups along with the names of Co-convenor(s) are as follows:

S. No.


Central Government

State Government


Name & Designation

Name & Designation


Banking, Financial & Insurance

Upender Gupta, Commissioner, GST Policy Wingh, CBEC

Dhananjay Akhade, Jt. Commissioner, Maharashtra



Amitabh Kumar, Jt. Secretary (TRU-II), CBEC

Sh. Mukesh Kumar Meshram, CCT, Uttar Pradesh


Exports (incl EOUs and SEZs)

Dr. Tejpal Singh, ADG, DGEP, CBEC

Amitabh Jain, Principal Secretary, Chhattisgarh


IT & ITes

M. Vinod Kumar, Chief Commissioner, CBEC

Ms. Smaraki Mahapatra, CCT, West Bengal


Transport & Logistics

J.M. Kennedy, ADG, DRI, CBEC

Ms. Sujatha Chaturvedi, Pr. Secretary, Bihar



Yogendra Garg, Commissioner, CBEC

Ms. Mona Khandhar, Secretary (EA), Gujarat


MSMEs (incl. job work)

Manish Sinha, Commissioner, CBEC & GST Council

H. Rajesh Prasad, Commissioner, VAT, Delhi


Oil & Gas (upstream & downstream)

P.K. Jain, Chief Commissioner, (AR), CBEC

Anurag Goel, CCT, Assam


Gems & Jewellery

Reyaz Ahmad, Director (TRU)

Dr. P.D. Vaghela, CCT, Gujarat


Services received and provided by Government

D.P. Nagendra Kumar, Pr. Commissioner, CBEC

Arun Mishra, Additional Secretary (CT) Bihar


Food Processing

Ajay Jain, Chief Commissioner, CBEC

Khalid Anwar, Sr. Jt. CCT, West Bengal



R. Sriram, Commissioner, CBEC

Ritvik Pandey, CCT, Karnataka


Big Infra (Airport & Sea ports including Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul, Power Sector, Housing and Construction)

Sandeep Prakash, Commissioner, CBEC

J. Syamala Rao, CCT, Andhra Pradesh


Travel & Tourism

Smt. Sungita Sharma, Pr. Commissioner, CBEC

Raghwendra Kumar Singh, CCT, Madhya Pradesh (Indore)



Pradeep Goel, Commissioner, CBEC

Ms. Sangeetha P. CCT, Chhattisgarh


Media & Entertainment

M. Srinivas, Commissioner, CBEC

Omnarayan Chainsukhji Bhangdiya, Addl. Commissioner, Sales Tax, Maharashtra, Pune


Drugs & Pharmaceuticals

A.R.S. Kumar, Commissioner, CBEC

Dr. M.P. Ravi Prasad, Joint CCT, Karnataka



S.N. Singh, Chief, Commissioner, CBEC

Praveen Gupta, Secretary (Finance), Rajasthan

The officials of these Sectoral Groups will deal with the issues and the problems of the respective sector(s) they represent. Concerned industry Groups/Associations or even individual industry representative(s) may approach the respective Sectoral Group officers with their problems, if any, relating to GST implementation who, in turn, will try to guide and help them in resolving the same. This exercise will help in dealing with most of the sectoral problems and issues at the local/regional level

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