GSTN Advisory: Temporary Pause in Auto e-Invoice Population to GSTR-1

Posted on    27 September 2023

GSTN has issued an advisory on a temporary pause in the auto-population of e-invoice details to GSTR-1. This means that e-invoices will no longer be automatically populated to GSTR-1 from the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) for the time being.

Official copy of the advisory has been mentioned below 

Dear Taxpayers,

1. GSTN wishes to inform you that the auto population of e-Invoice in GSTR-1 is temporarily halted due to essential system upgrades, which will involve the implementation of e-Invoice JSON download functionality.

2. This will have a temporary impact on the e-Invoice data auto population in GSTR-1 which will not be available from 26th September 2023 to 29th September 2023 from all six IRP portals.


3. The data for this period will be auto-populated on 30th September 2023 and will not impact GSTR-1 filing for next month and please avoid manually adding invoices in this period as the break will be only of a temporary nature.

4. Please plan your activities accordingly.

5. Details about the e-invoice JSON download functionality will be shared shortly via a separate advisory.

6. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Thanking you,

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