Guidelines for the use of new CA logo and colour significance

Last updated: 27 November 2023

In a historic moment during the GloPAC Convention, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) proudly revealed its new logo, ushering in a transformative era for the esteemed accountancy profession. This distinctive logo seamlessly integrates with the colours of the Indian national flag. This innovative design not only pays homage to the nation's rich heritage but also signifies the symbiotic relationship between the esteemed accountancy profession and the spirit of India. More than a mere visual overhaul, the emblem serves as a powerful symbol of the core values that have defined ICAI and the accountancy profession throughout its illustrious history.

CA Logo

Incorporation of Tricolor

The incorporation of the tricolor into the logo is a powerful symbol of the Institute's connection to India. The three colors of the Indian flag represent unity, diversity, and sovereignty, and they reflect the brand's commitment to serving the people of India and contributing to the nation's development. The tricolor has been used in such a fashion that it hints at motion, a flight, and a journey toward progress, showcasing the Institute's forward-thinking approach. 

Significance of blue color

The primary color of the new logo is blue, which has been culled from the ICAI logo. Blue is a color that is associated with divinity, immortality, bravery, and determination. It reflects vastness, being the colour of the sky and ocean, and has been an integral part of the Indian cultural, political, and social landscape over the years. Blue is also culturally significant, as it has been a part of the Indian tradition for more than 5,000 years. 

Adaptability on all platforms

The new logo can be adapted for use on all platforms, digital and analog, which is essential for a modern brand. This versatility ensures that the Institute's brand is consistent across all channels, helping to strengthen its identity and credibility. The adaptability of the new logo also makes it more accessible to the Institute's stakeholders, including members, students, and the general public. 

In a nutshell

The new logo of CA India reflects the brand's connection to India while retaining its existing identity. The incorporation of the tricolor, the significance of the blue color, and adaptability on all platforms are all essential elements of the new logo. The design is intended to be aesthetically pleasing and culturally significant, making it a strong representation of the Institute's values and commitment to serving the people of India. 

CA Logo

Guidelines (2023) for using the new CA India logo for CA members 

- The logo consists of the letters 'CA' in blue colour with a tri colour tick mark (upside down) with white background. The blue colour not only stands out on any background but also denotes creativity, innovativeness, knowledge, integrity, trust, truth, stability, and depth. The upside-down tick mark, typically used by Chartered Accountants, has been included to symbolise the wisdom and value of the professional. 

'India' is also added in the logo, as it epitomizes the Institute's connection to India First approach and commitment to the serve the Indian economy in public interest. 

- There should be no alteration of the font (colour, bold/unbold, size). Moreover, there should be no change in spacing and dimensions. 

- The colour palette is

CA Logo

- Do not change the design and colours including the white background.

- Refrain from rotating or tilting the logo clockwise and anti-clockwise. 

- The logo should not be shrunk or distorted changing the original proportion. 

- While members are encouraged to use the new CA India Logo as published on letterheads, visiting cards, website etc, a transition time of one year has been provided to use existing stationary/signage replacement etc. 

*Effective from 24th November, 2023. 

CA Logo

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