Himachal Pradesh to verify 'dicey' GST registrations

Last updated: 28 November 2023


In a proactive move to secure the Goods and Services Tax (GST) system from fraudulent activities, the State Taxes & Excise Department has unveiled a comprehensive strategy. The department aims to achieve a hundred percent approval of GST registrations in manual mode, following meticulous verification of documents attached to the registration applications. The spokesperson for the department, in a statement released on Sunday, highlighted the government's commitment to financial discipline and its efforts to bolster the economic health of the state.


Key Initiatives

Stringent Verification Process

The focal point of the department's strategy involves a meticulous verification process for GST registrations. By transitioning to manual approval after thorough scrutiny of documents, the department aims to minimize the entry of fraudulent individuals into the GST system.

Targeting 'Dicey' Registrants

In a bid to enhance scrutiny, the State Taxes & Excise Department is implementing physical verifications for registrants deemed 'dicey.' This targeted approach ensures that those with suspicious profiles undergo additional checks, fortifying the system against potential fraud.

Ambitious Steps for Financial Discipline

The state government's commitment to financial discipline is underscored by several ambitious steps taken to improve the economic health of the state. The spokesperson emphasized that these measures extend across various sectors, reflecting a holistic approach to curbing wasteful expenditure.

All-Round Development Initiatives

The state government is steadfast in its goal of changing the system and fostering all-round development. New initiatives are being introduced to enhance the efficiency of the State Taxes & Excise Department, aligning with the broader objective of economic prosperity.

Challenges in GST Administration: The spokesperson acknowledged the prevalent issue of fraudulent registrations across the country, citing it as a major challenge in GST administrations. The entry of fraudulent entities into the GST system poses a significant threat, leading to substantial losses for the state exchequer. The department has been actively engaged in identifying and taking timely actions against fraudulent tax evaders, working in coordination with Central tax authorities.

Conclusion: As the State Taxes & Excise Department intensifies its efforts to safeguard the GST system, the state government's commitment to financial discipline and all-round development is evident. The multifaceted strategy, including stringent verification processes and targeted scrutiny of 'dicey' registrants, reflects a proactive approach to address challenges in GST administration and ensure the integrity of the tax system.

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