ICAI condemns report - ICAI wings clipped

Posted on    01 October 2009

ICAI condemns the report in the Livemint newspaper titled “ICAI wings clipped over Satyam Scam” published on 30th September, 2009

We are deeply hurt by the news report in the Livemit dated 30th September, 2009 titled “ICAI wings clipped over Satyam Scam”.

The title of the report so published is itself incorrect, misleading and without any base. Since the communication from the Ministry itself does not mention anything regarding the curtailing or clipping of ICAI’s power on Satyam issue the objective behind the news item leads to various doubts. The report is not only unwarranted but also superfluous, causing an irreparable damage to ICAI and President in office.

Livemint should refrain from making such baseless news items and ICAI calls for a public apology from Livemint in the instant matter.


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