ICAI membership fee due on 1st April 2019

Posted on    12 April 2019

ICAI requests all its Members to renew their Membership/COP with the Institute by remitting the annual Membership/Certificate of Practice fees, which become due for payment on 1st April, 2019 and need to be paid on or before 30th June, 2019. However, Membership/COP will be removed/cancelled if respective fee with due amount of GST is not received by ICAI on or before 30th September, 2019.

Members have the option to pay advance Membership/COP fee in exact amount for 3 years (1+2 years) along with GST as a final payment and in case of any upward revision in fee in future their Membership/COP will not be removed/cancelled from the Register of Members/COP on account of such revision. However, the shortfall will be liable to be paid by the Member.

The applicable amount of Membership Fee/Certificate of Practice Fee along with applicable GST i.e.18% is given below;

Fee for all Members holding Certificate of Practice

Break up


Associate Member Rs.4,500/- GST@18% Rs.810/-


Fellow Member Rs.7,000/-

GST@ 18% Rs.1260/-


For all Members not holding Certificate of Practice

Break up


Associate Member Rs.1,500/- GST@ 18% Rs.270/-


Fellow Member Rs.3,000/- GST@ 18% Rs.540/-


Fee for Members of the age 60 years or above (as on 01.04.2019) but not holding Certificate of Practice

Break up


Associate Member Fees Rs.1,100/- GST@ 18% Rs.198/-


Fellow Membership Fee Rs.2,300/-
GST@18% Rs.414/-


Note: ICAI is going to promote e-journal for the Members who opt to support I GO GREEN with ICAI and the Council of ICAI has decided that the Members who opt not to have hard copy of Journal, will be given a discount of Rs.500/- in their annual membership fees. Thereby they may reduce an amount of Rs.590/- (including 18% GST) from their due amount of Membership/COP Fees.

Payment of above fee can be made through online on the link e-services available on the home page of our website www.icai.org. Payment can also be made through ECS Mandate (enclosed).

Members are also requested to pay the following (optional);

Chartered Accountants Benevolent Fund
Life Membership
Yearly Subscription Voluntary Contribution

Rs.5000/-(If already not a life Member)

Rs. 1000/-

A respectable amount

S Vaidyanath Aiyar Memorial Fund
Life Membership
Yearly Subscription
Voluntary Contribution

Rs.1000/- (If already not a life Member)


A respectable amount

Air Mail charges for CA Journal (in case of members abroad)

Rs. 2100/- (optional)

We appeal all our Members to contribute generously to Chartered Accountants Benevolent fund (CABF).

Additional Secretary MC & MSS Section, ICAI, Noida

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