ICAI-Revision in Fee of Expert Advisory Committee

Posted on    10 January 2012


The Council, at its 312th meeting held on 25th to 27th December, 2011, has approved an upward revision in fee charged by the Expert Advisory Committee for giving its opinion. The approved fee is given below:
(i)    Rs. 50,000/- per query where the query relates to:
an enterprise whose equity or debt securities are listed on a recognised stock exchange, or 
an enterprise having an annual turnover exceeding Rs.50 crore based on the annual accounts of the accounting year ending on a date immediately preceding the date of sending the query.
(ii)    Rs. 25,000/- per query in any other case.
Accordingly, Rule 5 of Advisory Service Rules will be changed with effect from 10th January, 2012, which are hosted under the head ‘Resources’ on the main page of the Institute’s website and also under the head ‘Knowledge Sharing’ on the main page of the Committee.

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