ICAI Seeks Rs 1 Crore Compensation and Apology for Unauthorized CA Logo Usage on Shoes

Last updated: 24 November 2023

ICAI Takes Firm Stand Against Trademark Infringement: Demands Rs. 1 Crore Compensation and Unconditional Apology for Unauthorized CA Logo Usage on Shoes

In a bold move to protect its intellectual property, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has recently demanded compensation amounting to Rs. 1 crore for the unauthorized and illegal usage of its Registered Trade Mark, the CA Logo, on a line of shoes. This development underscores the ICAI's commitment to safeguarding its brand and upholding the integrity of its iconic logo.

Trademark infringement is a serious offense under the law, and the ICAI's decision to seek compensation is not only legally justified but also sends a strong message about the consequences of unauthorized use of its intellectual property. The CA logo holds significant value, representing the expertise and credibility of chartered accountants, and any misuse is a direct violation of trademark laws.


The ICAI's demand for an unconditional apology, to be published in a newspaper of national importance within 15 days, adds another dimension to their pursuit of justice. This stipulation is not just a symbolic gesture but a strategic move to emphasize the gravity of the infringement. An apology serves as a deterrent, signaling to potential violators that the ICAI is prepared to take stringent action to preserve the sanctity of its trademark.

It is crucial to understand the potential consequences for those who engage in unauthorized use of the CA logo. Apart from the financial compensation sought by the ICAI, infringers may face legal orders to cease using the logo immediately and destroy any products featuring the unauthorized mark. In severe cases, criminal prosecution for trademark infringement could be on the horizon.

This development highlights the ICAI's proactive approach in protecting its intellectual property rights and maintaining the integrity of the CA logo. As a respected institution, the ICAI's stance against trademark infringement sets a precedent for other organizations to be vigilant in safeguarding their brand identity. This case will undoubtedly be closely watched, serving as a reminder that unauthorized use of trademarks will not be tolerated, and those who infringe upon them will be held accountable.

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