ICSI announces schedule for the 4th Batch of the 15 days Academic Program

Posted on    09 December 2020


15 Days e-Academic Programme including 8 days e-EDP (3 days e-governance and 05 days Skill Development Programme)


1. 15 Days e-Academic Program: The students registered in Executive program on or after 1st April 2014 and passing Executive Programme Examination on or after 25.08.2015

2. 08 days e EDP Program: Applicable to students registered in CS Executive Programme on or before 31.03.2014.

Who can attend?

1. Student who have completed executive program can register in15 days eAcademic Programme.

2. Students, who have partially completed the 15 days Academic Programme, can also undergo the remaining training through online mode.

3. The Students, who are under the earlier training structure, can undergo 3 days E-governance and 5 days Skill Development Programme in lieu of 08 Days EDP applicable to them.

4. Student can attend the programme in the following series only. Student shall not be allowed for the next training unless the previous training completion certificate has not updated in the stimulate. In case of 8 Days E- EDP, 3 days e governance need to be complete before 5 days Skill Development Programme.

i. 2 Days e- Induction ,
ii. 3 days e- Governance
iii. 5 Days Skill Development Programme
iv. 5 Days Entrepreneurship Programme 

To read more in detail, find the enclosed file

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