ICSI Issues Warning Against Social Media Misconduct by Members and Students

Last updated: 07 October 2023

The Institute has recently become aware of a concerning trend among its members and students. Some individuals within the Institute's community have been using social media platforms as a platform to express negative opinions and make adverse remarks about the Institute itself. What is particularly disconcerting is that these comments are often made without the necessary effort to establish the accuracy of the information, a lack of due diligence, and without first utilizing the established remedial mechanisms available within the Institute to address concerns.

In some instances, these members and students have gone a step further by tagging and bringing their grievances to the attention of external entities such as the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, regulatory bodies, and other higher-level authorities. This escalation of matters to external forums without first seeking resolution internally is a cause for concern.

The Institute wishes to make it clear that such behavior on social media platforms is considered a form of misconduct. Engaging in the dissemination of messages and videos that are detrimental to the reputation or integrity of the Institute is a serious matter. Those members and students who resort to such actions may find themselves subject to disciplinary actions in accordance with the provisions outlined in the Company Secretaries Regulations of 1982.


Official copy of the Advisory released by the institute is as follows

06th October, 2023 

It has come to the notice of the Institute that some Members/Students are posting adverse remarks on the social media about the Institute, without ascertaining proper facts, diligence and without availing the remedial measures available for them In the Institute. Some Members and Students have also tagged the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Regulators and other higher forums. 

Posting and circulating these kinds of messages and videos in the social media amounts to misconduct and the Members/Students resorting to such acts may be subject to disciplinary actions. 

The Institute reserves its right to initiate suitable actions against such Members/Students as per the Company Secretaries Regulations, 1982. 

Therefore, Members and Students are hereby advised to follow the above Advisory in true letter and spirit and to desist themselves from such acts. 

Team ICSI 

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