ICSI unveils new logo for members

Posted on    24 December 2008

The Vice President of India unveiled the New LOGO of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) and the logo to be used by Company Secretaries. This new logo of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) stands for stability and integrity. The core of the new identity “Connecting for collective growth" is epitomized by four alphabets signifying a mature and multifaceted profession. The words CS in the centre of the identity integrate to form an upward arrow embodying the Institutes' Vision of growth and excellence in corporate governance. Set in a deep blue colour, the bold and elegant masthead lends it an air of authority and leadership. This corporate identity program has been designed with a view to creating a cohesive brand image for the profession of Company Secretaries.


The letters 'CS' to be used by  the members as a prefix before their names ; shares a direct and umbilical relationship with the identity of the institute. A compact unit in itself, with the central arrow of growth and excellence , it represents stability and integrity , which are hallmark of the profession.

Set in a sober deep blue colour , it represents a very confident and upright professional.


The new logo of ICSI is a strong , bold and cohesive wordmark , where four different elements(alphabets) come together to create a complete picture. The logo set in deep blue colour represents a multifaceted professional with a high degree of integrity and stability . "Connecting for a collective growth " is the core of the logo , visually depicted in the upward arrow formed by the letters "C" and "S" . The simple and elegant masthead with bold fonts lend it an air of authority and stability. The holistic perception of the identity reflects soft edges with a sharp interior.


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