Income Tax department's website to get new address

Posted on    03 January 2009

New Delhi, Jan 2: The income tax department website which is used by lakhs of tax payers to file their returns online will soon be revamped along with a new website address or URL.

The new online facility will host of several user-friendly features.

The department's Uniform Resource Locator (URL)-- www.incometaxindia.Gov.In -- is undergoing pilot tests and would be changed, probably with a "small address" change in a few months' time.

"A lot of new features are being added to the website and as soon as the tests are over the old website address may give way to a totally new URL," a senior IT department officer involved in the process said.

The new website would be able to handle a lot of new features, including tax rules, notifications and other circulars.

"An online grievances section for the taxpayers would be the latest feature. The website's hyperlink (URL) would also be small and crispier," the officer added.

The new website will come secured with advanced anti-hacking and anti-virus applications, the officer said.

Tax payers as of now, have facilities of e-payment of taxes and filing of TDS returns among others on the existing website.

A repository of legal tax cases and their decisions, currently being compiled by the department, will also be hosted as a maiden venture on the new facility. The trial run of the online grievance facility named 'Sevottam' is already on a pilot test in Mumbai and Udaipur.

While registering online complaints, the tax payer will also receive an acknowledgment number which would have a fixed time limit that will ensure that it is redressed within a stipulated duration.

The IT department's online facilities currently feature services like Annual Information Returns, Online Tax Accounting System (OLTAS), Tax Return Prepares Scheme (TRPS), Tax Information Network and help desk, as well as tax payers queries and feedback section.

The departmental section, for the use of department officials and the tenders section, will also be given further hyperlinks for better usage, the officer added.

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