Income Tax Department Unveils Suite of Tax Tools to Aid Taxpayers

Posted on    16 September 2023

The Income Tax Department has released a number of tax tools for taxpayers to help them with their tax planning and compliance. These tools can be used to calculate tax liability, estimate advance tax payments and generate income tax returns.


Here is a list of all the tax tools that have been released by the department

Sr. No. Tool Name Tool Link
1. Tax Calculator
2. Advance Tax Calculator
3. Income and Tax calculator
4. Medical Facility


Transport Allowance Calculator


Children education and hostel allowance


House rent allowance calculator


Profits and Gains of profession on presumptive basis u/s 44ADA
9. AMT and MAT
10. Eligibility for updated return and calculation of additional tax
11. Equalization levy
12. Fees for default in furnishing return of income
13. Interest under section 234A/234B/234C/234D
14. Deduction under section 80G/80GGC
15. Relief under section 89A
16. TDS Calculator
17. Interest for delay in deduction/deposits of TDS/TCS and fees for late-filing of statements
18. Period of holding of capital asset
19. Taxability of Agent Commission
20. Presumptive Income under Section 44AE
21. Presumptive Income under Section 44AD
22. Depreciation
23. Income from house property
24. Relief under Section 89
25. Motor Car Facility
26. Exemptions from capital gains
27. Concessional or interest free loan
28. Carry forward and Set-off of losses
29. Gratuity
30. Leave Encashment
31. Deduction under Section 80U
32. Deduction under Section 80TTA
33. Deduction under Section 80DD
34. Deduction under Section 80D
35. Deduction under Section 80C
36. Interest on NSC
37. Partners’ Remuneration


Indexed Cost of acquisition or improvement

39. Rent Free Accommodation


Deferred Tax Calculator
41. Residential Status Calculator

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