India Corporate Week 2010 - A Curtain Raiser

Posted on    27 November 2010

India Corporate Week 2010 � A Curtain Raiser

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has undertaken a large number of initiatives in the area of corporate reforms. These initiatives have the twin objectives of providing an enabling environment for the sustainable corporate growth and to integrate it with the social and economic development of the country. During the last one year, this reform process has been repositioned by institutionalizing collaborative and participating engagement with all the stakeholders so that the Ministry is able to move effectively towards the objective of �Enlightened Regulation�.

The Ministry started the initiative of bringing national focus on the role and contribution of the corporate sector in the Indian social and economic development through the �India Corporate Week� (ICW) in December 2009. The Ministry feels immensely encouraged with the outcome of India Corporate Week 2009 and therefore, intends to take this event to a much higher and bigger scale. In the meeting with the members of the Governing Council of NFCG and other stakeholders held on November 26, 2010, the Ministry had received a highly enthusiastic response for organizing India Corporate Week 2010 in December this year.

Besides the national trade and industry chambers and the professional institutes, the regional chambers have also joined hands with the Ministry. The Ministry has also received support from corporate leaders, young entrepreneurs and the civil society organizations in this endeavour.

India Corporate Week 2010 will be organized during December 14-21, 2010 with the theme �Sustainable Business�. The Week will kick start with a national event at New Delhi where Hon�ble Prime Minister will be the Chief Guest. Six other national events will be organized during the Week at Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and Hyderabad with the trade and industry chambers taking a lead role. Besides this, a large number of events will be organized in collaboration with partner organizations throughout the country.

During this Week, the deliberations at various locations will bring the representatives from Government, corporate sector, professionals, civil society organizations and other stakeholders together to develop a national perspective on the strategies that India Inc. needs to adopt so as to sustain a high rate of growth while simultaneously contributing to the inclusive growth of the people.

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