Integration of LLP System into MCA-21

Posted on    09 May 2012


1.  The Ministry is in process of integration of LLP system into MCA-21 in the  month of June 2012 by allowing filing & approval of LLP forms at MCA-21 website ( for better e-governance facility for stakeholders, by making necessary changes in e-forms. On post integration, old e-forms of the existing LLP system lying in “Pending User Clarification” (PUCL) status cannot be re-opened.


2. LLPs and designated partners are also advised to reopen/ resubmit the LLP form, if any lying in “Pending User Clarification” (PUCL) / Under Resubmission (RESUB) mode by 21-05-2012 after complying with the requirements failing which the pending forms will be liable for rejection or will be marked as invalid and LLP shall be required to file of fresh e-forms with fees & additional fees.

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