IT officials conduct raid on 52 locations in 4 states

Posted on    09 April 2019


Brief highlights of the recent searches in NCR, Bhopal, Indore and Goa

Based upon credible information of large scale collection, possession and movement of unaccounted assets, Delhi Directorate of Income Tax (Investigation) initiated search and seizure action on a group in NCR, Bhopal, Indore and Goa. More than 300 IT officials participated in the operation at about 52 locations in 4 States.

Searches in Madhya Pradesh have detected wide spread and well-organized racket of collection of unaccounted cash of about Rs. 281 cr through various persons in different walks of life including business, politics and public service. A part of the cash was also transferred to the headquarter of a major political party in Delhi including about Rs 20 cr which was moved through hawala recently to the headquarter of the political party from the residence of a senior functionary at Tughlak Road, New Delhi.

Meticulous records of collection and disbursement of cash in the form of hand written diaries, computer files and excel sheets found and seized corroborate the above findings.

Unaccounted cash of Rs 14.6 cr has been found so far, besides 252 bottles of Liquor, few arms and hide-skins of tiger.

The searches in Delhi in the group of a close relative of the senior functionary have further led to seizure of incriminating evidence including cash book recording unaccounted transactions of Rs 230cr, siphoning off money through bogus billing of more than Rs. 242 cr and evidence of more than 80 companies in Tax havens. Several unaccounted/Benami properties at posh locations in Delhi have also been detected.

Instances of violations of Model Code of Conduct are being brought to the notice of ECI.

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