Madhya Pradesh Cabinet to Impose 28% GST on Online Gaming and Casino Deposits

Posted on    18 September 2023

GST Rate Change

The Madhya Pradesh government is set to approve an Ordinance that will introduce new GST rates for online gaming. This move aims to increase the GST rate on online gaming, casinos, and horse racing to 28%.

Approval Process

The Ordinance was scheduled to be presented in a cabinet meeting held on September 16, chaired by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.


Implementation in Other States

Madhya Pradesh would become the third Indian state to implement the 28% GST rate on online gaming, following similar approvals in Goa and Maharashtra. Karnataka also considered the same bill but faced delays due to differences in opinion.

GST Council Meeting

The decision to impose a 28% GST rate on online gaming, casinos, and horse racing was taken during the 50th GST council meeting. The decision was nearly unanimous, with only a few states opposing it, including Goa, Sikkim, and Delhi.

Industry Reaction

The increase in GST rates came as a surprise to the online gaming sector. The real money gaming industry requested a reconsideration of the decision, as it posed a setback to the sector's growth. Despite reassurances from Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, some online gaming firms had to lay off employees due to increased tax liabilities.

Operational Impact

Some online gaming firms like Fantok and Quizy even had to halt their operations due to the increased GST burden.

It's important to note that tax policies and rates can have a significant impact on various industries, and the gaming sector is no exception. The government's decision to implement higher GST rates on online gaming reflects an effort to generate revenue but also faces opposition and challenges from industry players. The situation may evolve as discussions continue within the GST council.

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