Ministry of Finance to launch Rs 75 coin to commemorate New Parliament Building inauguration

Posted on    26 May 2023

In honour of the inauguration of the new Parliament building, the Union Finance Ministry has announced the minting of a special Rs 75 coin. With the inscription 'Parliament Complex' and an image of the new building, this commemorative coin aims to mark the historic occasion. Set to be unveiled on May 28 during the inauguration ceremony, this commemorative coin holds symbolic significance and serves as a tangible representation of the new chapter in India's democratic journey. 

According to the official notification from the Ministry of Finance, the ₹75 coin will be circular in shape, with a diameter of 44 millimetres. The edges of the coin will feature 200 serrations, adding an intricate touch to its overall appearance. The metallic composition of the coin will consist of a quaternary alloy comprising 50% silver, 40% copper, 5% nickel, and 5% zinc.

Official copy of the notification has been mentioned below


The obverse side of the coin will showcase the Lion Capital of Ashoka Pillar at the centre, surrounded by the inscription 'Satyamev Jayate.' The left periphery will feature the word "Bharat" inscribed in the Devanagari script, while "India" will be written in English on the right periphery. Additionally, the coin will bear the Indian Rupee symbol "₹" and the numerical denomination "75" in international numerals below the Lion Capital.

On the reverse side, the coin will display the image of the Parliament Complex, with the inscription "Parliament Complex" written in Devanagari script on the upper periphery and in English on the lower periphery. Below the image of the Parliament Complex, the year "2023" will be inscribed in international numerals, signifying the year of the inauguration. The commemorative coin will weigh 35 grams, adding a substantial feel to its physical presence.

The preparations for the inauguration ceremony are in full swing as Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla will dedicate the newly built Parliament building to the nation on May 28, Sunday.

Before the inauguration, several Vedic rituals would be carried out, officials revealed on Thursday. The invitees, comprising lawmakers, the Lok Sabha speaker, the Rajya Sabha chairman, and other distinguished guests, are expected to be seated in the Lok Sabha chamber of the new building by 11:30 AM. The ceremony is slated to commence around noon and conclude around 3 pm.

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