Model Code for Meetings of Non-Corporate Entities

Posted on    25 April 2019


This code seeks to prescribe a set of principles for convening and conducting Meetings of the Governing Council/ Management Committee of Non-corporate Entities and matters related thereto.

The principles with respect to Meetings of Non-corporate Entities are laid down in the respective laws applicable to such entities or enshrined in their Bye-laws. This model code provides essential governance practices in convening and conducting the Meetings of the Governing Council/ Management Committee of such entities and aims to harmonise the prevalent diverse practices.

This model code does not seek to substitute or supplant any existing laws applicable to Non-corporate Entities. It strives to supplement such laws for promoting better governance in convening and conducting the Meetings of such entities.

The Non-corporate Entities are free to adopt the provisions of this code voluntarily. If any of the provisions of this code are or become inconsistent with the applicable laws to Noncorporate Entities, the provisions of such applicable laws shall prevail.


In this code, unless the context otherwise requires 


“Chairman” means a person, by whatever name called, elected under the bye-laws of the Non-corporate Entity or appointed by a competent authority or by the members of the Governing Council.

“Clear days” means days excluding the day of the dispatch of notice/notes on agenda and the day of the Meeting, and includes Sundays and holidays;

“Governing Council” means the body of Members, by whatever name called, for governing the affairs of the Non-corporate Entity;

“Government” means the Central or State Government, as the case may be;

“Head Offi ce” means the principal office of a Non-corporate Entity.

“Interested Member” means a Member having personal or Financial interest, either directly or indirectly, in any matter placed before a Meeting of the Non-corporate Entity;

“Member” means a member of the Governing Council.

“Meeting” means a meeting of the Governing Council of the Non-corporate Entity.

“Minutes” means a formal written record, in physical or electronic form, of the proceedings of a Meeting;

“Non-corporate Entity” is any entity other than a company, body corporate,  rms and includes a society, co-operative society, club, trust, civic bodies.

“Secretary” means a person elected, appointed, authorised or otherwise discharging the function of a secretary of the Non-corporate Entity, by whatever name called;

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