New regulation for compliance with CPE hour requirements

Posted on    31 October 2013

Compliance with CPE-Hour Requirements: The ICAI Council has decided that members should comply with their CPEhour requirements for the current block of three years, i.e. from 1st January, 2011 to 31st December, 2013, and complete the same by 31st December, 2013. Any shortfall in CPE credit for the period should be met by the same date. Names of members who fail to comply would be hosted on the Institute’s website for information, and regulatory authorities may take action on the basis of this information with regard to allotment of professional work to those members as sole proprietor or to their partnership firm. In order to remove the names from that published list, member(s) shall have to make up for the shortfall by obtaining twice of the amount of the shortfall, which will be in addition to the regular CPE-hour requirements for the block period.




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