Observance of Code on the Date of Polling

Posted on    02 December 2009


In terms of the Election Code of Conduct evolved by the Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and the subsequent instructions, by way of an Announcement, issued by the Returning Officer, under the Chartered Accountants (Election to the Council) Rules, 2006, the candidates, authorized representatives/supporters/volunteers of candidates and voters are restrained from undertaking any of the following activities within as well as outside the Zero Tolerance Zone which generally commences from the compound wall of the premises/institution/organization etc. in which the polling booths are set up on the dates of polling i.e. 4th and 5th December, 2009, as applicable:-

  • Canvassing for votes, distribution of visiting cards, pamphlets, manifestos, letters, hand-outs, circulars and the like, erection of any stall and display of any banner.
  • Exhibiting or placing any notice or sign board relating to the election by a candidate or by any other person with the connivance of the candidate.
  • Distribution/supply of any gift, any refreshment to voters, distribution of publicity materials including free distribution of books/calendars/diaries/handouts.
  • Supply of refreshment(s) to the supporters or volunteers of candidates.

In other words, nowhere said activities could be carried out.

The candidates have already been required to ensure compliance with above and other provisions of the Election Code of Conduct/Election Rules.

With a view to monitor compliance of the above, official videographer will be deputed at select locations for recording the activities/role of candidates and their authorized representatives/supporters/volunteers. Observers are also being deputed to designated cities/polling booths.

The tasks to be assigned to the Observers include the following:-

  1. to remain present in the vicinity of the polling booths, to observe conduct of candidates and/or their authorized representatives/supporters/volunteers and to forward a report on conclusion of the election.
  2. to remain present within the polling booth chamber to cross verify the number of persons who are exercising their franchise.
  3. any other duties that may be assigned by the Returning Officer.

The said official video recording and reports of Observers would be treated as evidence for violation of Election Rules/Election Code of Conduct. Voters are also encouraged to send to the Returning Officer any photograph/video recording/mobile camera video etc. in case they also come across any violation of Election Code of Conduct/Election Rules to enable us to use the same as an evidence.

Co-operation and Support of Voters and all others concerned are sought in this behalf, in the overall interests of the profession of Chartered Accountants.

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