Revival of Committee on Management Accounting

Posted on    24 July 2010


Revival of Committee on Management Accounting

Council Affairs/M-626/2010


22nd July, 2010





Madam/Dear Sir,



I wish to inform you that the President, in terms of the authority given to him by the Council at its 293rd meeting held on 12th February, 2010, has decided to revive the  Committee on Management Accounting, which had not been earlier constituted for the year 2010-11.  The composition of the said Committee shall be as under: -



1.                       CA. Abhijit Bandyopadhyay, Chairman

2.                       CA. Jayant Gokhale, Vice-Chairman

3.                       CA. Jaydeep N. Shah, Member

4.                       CA. S.B. Zaware, Member

5.                       CA. K. Raghu, Member

6.                       CA. M. Devaraja Reddy, Member

7.                       CA. Ravindra Holani, Member

8.                       CA. Vinod Jain, Member

9.                       CA. Naveen N.D. Gupta, Member


The names of members co-opted to the said Committee would be communicated later separately.                                                                                                                                 


Dr. S.Z. H. Zaidi, Joint Director would act as the Secretary to the said Committee.


Yours faithfully,



(T. Karthikeyan)


Copy to :

            1.   All Members of the aforesaid Committee

2.       Dr. S.Z. H. Zaidi, Joint Director


 Copy for information to :

          1.     All Past Presidents of the Institute

2.           All Regional Councils and their Branches

3.           All Co-opted Members

4.           Secretaries to various Non-Standing Committees

5.           All Officers and Sections of the Institute including Regional/Decentralised   

5.      President’s/Vice-President’s Secretariat

6.     EDP Section for hosting on Institute’s website/Intranet


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