Securities Transaction Tax (STT) Reduced

Posted on    28 February 2013

The Finance Bill 2013-14 proposes reduction in the rates of Securities Transaction Tax (STT) in respect of certain transactions.    Presenting the Union Budget in the Lok Sabha today, the Finance Minister Shri P.Chidambaram proposed the following reductions in the rates of STT:-


Equity futures:        From 0.017 to 0.01 per cent
MF/ETF redemptions at fund counters: From 0.25 to 0.001 percent
MF/ETF purchase/sale on exchanges:  From 0.1 to 0.001 percent, only on the seller


The Finance Minister noted STT has a stabilising effect on transactions and he had proposed reductions in the rate of tax taking note of the changes and shifts in the market.

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