Taxpayers can now view details of paid refund in their Annual Tax Statement

Posted on    29 October 2009

Taxpayers can now view details of paid refund in their Annual Tax Statement (Form 26AS)

Taxpayers who have registered to view Form 26AS online can view details of paid refund in their Form 26AS from F.Y. 2009-10 (A.Y. 2010-11) onwards. Refunds received during the selected A.Y. will be displayed in Form 26AS. For instance, refunds pertaining to A.Y. 2005-06 which are received in F.Y. 2009-10 (A.Y. 2010-11) will be displayed in Form 26AS for F.Y. 2009-10 (A.Y. 2010-11).

The following details related to refund will be displayed:

              A.Y. for which refund is paid

              Mode of payment i.e. ECS, paper (refund cheque), etc.

              Amount of refund

              Date of payment

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Online Registration for viewing Form 26AS by PAN holder


For 26 AS Registration in Hindi language please click here.

Online Registration is a one time activity wherein, a PAN holder has to fill in & submit a Registration form online through this website. The detailed procedure is as mentioned below:

  1. Select 'registration' option from online services menu.
  2. After entering all the details (PAN, User ID, Password, Contact details if any etc), click on 'Submit'.
  3. On successful registration, an acknowledgement receipt will be displayed on screen.
  4. Save and print this acknowledgement receipt.

This registration request has to be authorised by a TIN-FC. Authorisation means verification of Identity of a PAN Holder for the purpose of viewing Annual Tax Statement.

For getting registration request authorised by a TIN FC, PAN holder may choose either to

  1. Personally visit the TIN FC of his choice or
  2. Select a TIN FC to visit the PAN Holder for personal verification.
    • In this case, select any TIN-FC from a list of TIN-FCs who offer this facility in the city provided in contact address.
    • Facility of selecting a TIN FC to visit can be availed of only in those locations where a TIN-FC is present.
    • In this option, the PAN holder will be prompted to enter his contact details in the fields provided on the online registration form.

In registration form, a PAN within 15 calendar days of registration, otherwise, the registration will cease to exist and PAN holder will have to register online again.




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