Temporary relaxation in regulations 46BA and 46BB of the Company Secretaries Regulations

Posted on    05 August 2020


Temporary relaxation in Regulations 468A and 4688 of the Company Secretaries
Regulations 1982 (as amended upto 3rd February, 2020) due to COVID19 pandemic

The Company Secretaries Amendment Regulations, 2020 has been made effective from 03rd February 2020 vide Gazette Notification 710/1(M)/1. On account of COVID-19 pandemic and considering the interest of the students, the council recommended for the extension of application of the Regulations 46BA and 468B of the Company Secretaries Regulations 1982 (as amended upto 3rd February,2020) and the same has been approved by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs as under:

a) The period for compulsory switchover of training as prescribed under regulation 46 BA ofthe Company Secretaries (Amendment) Regulations, 2020 is extended further for a period of six months i.e. upto 2nd February 2021.

b) The Students under the Company Secretaries (Amendment) Regulations, 2020 are allowed to commence their 21 months Practical training after completion of 15 days EDP in online mode instead of One Month EDP as prescribed in regulation 46 BB of the Company Secretaries Amendment) Regulations, 2020. However, they shall be required to complete the remaining 15 days of EDP in classroom mode within six months of commencement of their Practical training. The said EDP in classroom mode shall be undertaken, once the regions and chapters are reopened for conducting such training.

This is for information of all concerned.

CS Asish Mohan
Secretary, ICSI

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