Tracking ARN for Exports now available on GST Portal

Posted on    30 May 2018

The system will now give one of following status:

a) Refund confirmation received from ICEGATE on <date>: This implies that the ICEGATE has completed the processing and has reverted with confirmation to the GST System.

b) Refund record rejected by ICEGATE on <date> due to <error message from ICEGATE>: This implies that the ICEGATE has returned the refund record due to the stated error. The taxpayer can amend the records appropriately, and the GST system will re-transmit the data to ICEGATE.

c) Refund data transmitted to ICEGATE vide acknowledgement number <xxxxxx>: This implies that data of the given return period has been handed over by the GST System to ICEGATE for further processing, and that the confirmation from ICEGATE is awaited.

d) Refund data NOT transmitted to ICEGATE due to <error message>: This implies that one of the validations failed, due to which the refund data for the given return period wasn't transmitted to ICEGATE. 

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