UP Farmer Receives 23 Tax Notices Totaling Rs 1.6 Crore Due to Bank Error

Posted on    08 June 2023

A farmer from Uttar Pradesh's Phaloda village received about 23 notices over the past year from the Income Tax Department, asking him to pay outstanding taxes of Rs 1.6 crore. The farmer, Upadesh Tyagi, was shocked to receive the notices as he is a small farmer and has no such huge amount of money to pay as taxes.

The IT department had issued the notices after it found a transaction of Rs 4.6 crore in Tyagi's bank account. However, Tyagi said that he had no knowledge of the transaction and that the money was not his. He said that the money must have been transferred into his account by mistake.


The IT department initially refused to believe Tyagi's claims, but after one year of constant pestering from Tyagi and his family, the department finally agreed to investigate the matter further.

After a thorough investigation, the IT department found that there had been a documentation lapse at the bank's end. The bank had mistakenly transferred the money into Tyagi's account instead of the intended recipient.

The IT department has now apologized to Tyagi and has waived off the tax liability. Tyagi is relieved that the matter has finally been resolved and that he does not have to pay the huge amount of money as taxes.

This incident highlights the importance of proper documentation and the need for banks to be more careful when transferring money. It also shows that the IT department is willing to listen to the grievances of taxpayers and to resolve matters amicably.

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