Updation of PAN details with ICAI

Posted on    07 November 2016

Only required for Practicing Members

This refers to the earlier announcements of ICAI regarding the updation of PAN details by the members in the Institute’s records to avoid blocking of e-filing account by the Income Tax Department. Inspite of the earlier said announcements and reminder emails sent from time to time, it has been observed that many members have still not updated their PAN details in the Institute’s record. 

It is pertinent to mention that in the recent past the Income Tax authorities have blocked the e- filing accounts of the members who either have not submitted their PAN details to the Institute or of those, in whose cases discrepancies have been found between records as available with the Institute and the database of the Income Tax Department on account of the mismatch in ‘Name’/ ‘PAN No.’ / ‘Date of Birth’. These blocked accounts have been reactivated after a lot of efforts by the Office as during this period members had to face lot of hardships. 

To avoid such a situation in future, we urgently appeal to all practicing members who have not yet submitted their PAN details to submit the same to their respective Regional Offices at the earliest .Those members in whose cases mismatches (in Name, Date of Birth or PAN) have been found between ICAI records and those as per Income Tax Department are also advised to settle the discrepancies at the earliest. Individual communications for all such cases have already been sent through e-mail to all the members as per Institute’s records. 

The members who have not yet provided their PAN details for ICAI records or members in whose records the discrepancy exists in the ICAI and Income Tax Authorities records, can also submit the same through the following link: http://appforms.icai.org/panupdate/index.html 

Members who have already furnished details need not do again.

(V. Sagar)
Secretary, ICAI

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